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May 14, 2012


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This kid...I hope he uses his powers for good.


Boys, gotta love them!! I'm starting to think my strong willed three year old is a litte too smart for his own good! Lol


It sounds like your second boy and my first have a lot in common.


Never a dull moment...great story!!


Just curious...why do you have them gargle with salt water every night?


Oh, boy.

I can laugh from over here . . . and something tells me that you've laughed a time or two about his antics, too -- but I can see that he's a pretty spectacular handful.

Jester Queen

Oh MY. He sounds like a handful. We had to nurse Caroline like that, too. She couldn't latch, and she got SO MUCH air that she would just spew to the ceiling. (Not saying this is why yours spewed - sometimes they just DO - but in our case there was a really clear reason.)


Oh man...I think we have given birth to the same child

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