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May 15, 2012


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HerMelness Speaks

I was told once that people only change when the pain of staying where they are is greater than the pain of change itself.

Thus, an excuse must be when we can find a kick-arse reason not to make that change.

I feel faint.


I think if a doctor would tell you that you're doing more harm than good it's a reason. Like I COULD run but my toe is almost healed and sitting out a few more days is a better idea.

I'm focusing on ab work instead. Bleh


I think you can change an excuse but not change a reason. But then again, it's not whether you can bend the spoon but realize there is no spoon?


It's a tricky one - asthma was a reason/excuse combo for me for years. Now I know how to manage it (Symbicort, really...that stuff rocks...and albuterol before every workout), so I no longer have the reason/excuse.

It is hard to tell, though.


Honestly, Kit - I don't know. There have been times that I've chosen not to go for a run because I felt that I just needed to do something else (sleep, meditate, masturbate . . . you name it). There have been times that I should have done something other than run, and I have run, and have paid for it because I've ended up far more tired than I should be.

But, while it happens, the times are seldom that I choose to run and feel that it was the wrong decision afterward.


perhaps a compromise...a nice walk to clear your head and see how it goes from there


A reason is real, and excuses you have to keep repeating over and over to make them real. Excuses are also a lot more creative than reasons, which tend to be more matter of fact. .

Jester Queen

"Because I can't breathe" is a reason. "Because it's 4:58 AM and I just finished work" is a reason.

Dawne at D Magazine

I try to swim when I can make myself. Ergh! My gyno also has told me to start walking 30 minutes a day as I have reached the age of *cough-ty* years young. oh poo on that! I gave up aerobic exercise when I started feeling like a mentally challenged kangaroo!

toni in florida

I read a doctor's advice on the issue of exercising with a bad cold/allergies (vs the flu). The doc said that it was okay to exercise if the symptoms were isolated to the neck and above (sore throat, stuffy nose, itchy eyes). If the symptoms are below the neck (lungs, bronchi, guts), you should rest. I'm no expert, but it makes sense to me.

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