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April 25, 2012


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If I lived closer and we were actual friends I would offer to stay with your kids for a night or two (maybe take them to the beach) so your husband could go with you sometime.


What is that?!?!

Jenny Lyn

As best I can tell by zooming in, that looks an awful lot like a dead bird. Please tell me that's not a dead bird in your uber-fancy hotel suite! Because if so, next time they owe you the mack-daddy penthouse. Preferably with no dead critters.


You little devil you! ! I knew immediately what it was and I have only known you a few months! :-) hope you enjoyed the royal treatment...and the "someone special!"

Also, what Jenny said.


Ugh. What is it about hotel rooms, that they, no matter how sweet, are always skeevy?

I thought that was a dead rat on the bed. Mini-heart attack here. No worries.


Just at least pull down the bedspread! The genetic bouillabaisse that exists on those is horrifying!

Jester Queen

Hello Siri. Or someone like.


Haha yeah it looks like a dead bird, but I knew it had to be something that hummed. =)


hahahahahaha a dead bird vibrator could be the next big thing. We've all done rabbits and dolphins to death.


Hilarious. Seriously. You are hilarious.

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