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April 03, 2012


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This is very cute. Even if other priorities get in the way, it is nice that you both can still have fun together.


Awww! Loving this story!!!


Laughed through the whole story, but really laughed when you said "if you know what I mean". As if we don't know what you mean!


I don’t know whether to love you or hate you! :) This rocks, and sounds a lot like our house. (If ya know what I mean…)

For whatever reason, I canNOT get your blog to come up at my day job…it’s forbidden and the web barracuda shoots me down every time I try to get here from there, so I have much catching up to do. :)


Love this. Somehow we have this unspoken rule in our house that if one of us goes to bed, the other follows. We'll see how long that lasts.


Lol, you two are too funny.

Dawne with D Magazine

You two sound like you have a good, sweet thing going on.

Speaking of things that crack......just wait for the knees. Every time I kneel down or stand back up, my knees sound like shredded wheat. Makes me hungry for cereal. (;^)

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