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April 18, 2012


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Mrs. MidAtlantic

It's too bad you couldn't make it to DC yesterday of all days, to see the Space Shuttle Discovery fly over the city! It was pretty spectacular. Gettysburg is lovely, but I greatly prefer CHOCOLATE to tombstones!

Jester Queen

Oh that's GREAT!!!! "Honey I thought you were stabbing yourself with my toothbrush" pops into my head as the right answer. I LOVE that you'd rather go on coasters and your kid wants the tombstones.


Glad you guys enjoyed a little trip around my neck of the woods :-)

A long, long time ago, I packed an overnight bag when it was just me & my wife. A little while passed . . . we had kids. For whatever reason, the two toddlers started going through the bag just a few months ago, and pulled out a set of handcuffs . . . they'd been there for a long, long time.


hahahahahahahaha :) I asked someone on twitter if they were a vibrator the other day. They said "no, but close", so I said "electric toothbrush?"

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