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March 01, 2012


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My husband thinks the same thing. eesh :)it must be a boy thing


They really are kinda clueless, aren't they? But I thought chocolate was a healthy part of any balanced diet. Isn't it a food group?


You two need to find some time away together...and soon!


I think the DH would happily eat Honey Nut Cheerios or Wheaties for every meal. I asked him how he survived as a bachelor, and he replied "Burger King, cereal, and pork fritters." I'm surprised he didn't drop dead on our wedding day. Okay, so he still sometimes gets Burger King and pork fritters. It's hard to feed a creature of habit.

Gwen Styles

Yeah I was always in charge of the food when I was married. Now that I'm single, I still am, and nothing has changed! Except that I've no cranky husband haha


Your DH must have been complaining to my son. He just said the same thing to me. I told him when he buys the groceries, he can make whatever he wants. At least it's not pancakes every night.


I am lucky in that my husband is disabled, but not so much that he can’t cook or run some laundry. I work three jobs - Admin Supervisor at the local hospital, photographer, and Mary Kay lady. I pull about a 90 hour work week and am blessed when I have even one day off. (I’ve actually had TWO since the first of the year, LOL…)

Wait…let me rephrase the first sentence of the above paragraph. My husband is an electrician, but is now permanently disabled. I am lucky that he can still cook and run some laundry. Roles are reversed at my house. It’s exhausting, but there is ALWAYS something yummy to eat.

It DOES, however, get tiresome to hear him complain about how rough his day was.

Did that make sense? I’m running on pure adrenaline right now. LOL...

Leigh Ann

Your day sounds exhausting and stressful, but no one wins when you play the "who has it harder" game. Each person always thinks they have it harder. Hope it gets better.


Working out for three hours a day would be a little slice of heaven.

With the kids at their age, I do believe that you have it easier -- with my two still in diapers, I'm not sure whether it's my wife or I who has it easier.

Jessie Powell

Oh Christ. It's the accountability line. It goes downhill from here Kit.


Hey. Cocoa Puffs are delicious.

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