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March 06, 2012


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They should make a boyfriend/husband version. You turn it on, and it flashes on the screen 'Hey, turn off the video games and spend some time with your girl' Then it should shut the system down for a couple hours.

I also had tetris dreams when I was a teenager. Literal dreams of falling blocks and waiting for the long piece that I needed.

Deacon Blue

I think there needs to be some incentive in the game to make them want to do these chores.

For example, cleaning up your room and discovering a still moving zombie torso under the bathrobe and shirts that you need to kill by picking up the baseball bat on the floor (bonus points for putting it in the closet when you're done).

Also, targets inside the toilet bowl may be required to encourage pinpoint accuracy.


check out chore wars. makes it all competitive.


Shoes in the shoe basket. I detest tripping over shoes all over the house so I have a laundry basket by the door where all shoes are to be dumped. It, of course, is full of socks, coats, legos, etc but the only actual shoes are mine. Because duh.


This is the greatest post ever! Doing their homework without being asked!

Holly H

I love the twitter comment about teaching proper english. That would be awesome!


this is awesome.. seems most have been covered..my 3yo is notorious for leaving a trail of destruction in his wake..toys everywhere. he's sometimes good about cleaning them..

Taking shoes off before coming into the house, not leaving school gear all over the place, putting pencils away after homework is done *sigh*


OMG and one where you earn points for finding things to climb and jump on other than your mom. I would spend so much money for that. I have being a jungle gym/trampoline for my kids

Mrs. Bridges

I don't have kids yet, but if you can arrange for a husband version of these games, I'll buy every single one!


There are cooking games on the DS as well as pet care games,


Do. Not. Cave. We did and the thing is confiscated more than it's used. How about a Hang Your Coat Up, Put Away The Hockey Pucks All Over The Driveway, and Turn Off The Lights game? Just a thought for your list.


Nope. You about covered it. They better be released by Christmas.

Judy @ Late Mommy's Blog

Brilliant! Please get these games out ASAP!

Jessie Powell

being nice to your sibling
eating your "yucky" food
going to bed on time.
Not-biting in preschool
climbing on the jungle gym BONUS for not climbing in the walk-in closet.


I'd add "taking a message when someone calls the house" to the list . . . because I knew that I never, ever did that when I was a kid . . . but I fear that the art of message taking is soon to be a lost art.

I will say this for the Wii, though -- Wii Fit can be downright addicting, especially when you need to get a workout in (even as a family) and you need a change of pace, and it's too yucky outside to want to run.

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