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March 27, 2012


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Where I live, I have no IRL friends. I go from work (where I rarely have a chance to really talk with anyone about non-work topics) to home (where I become "dad" and "husband" and rarely have time to have non-dad/husband chats). The Internet is where I get to talk about things that interest me. I'd love to find some friends to just hang out with and talk to (especially on those days when I'm upset about something and need someone to talk in person to), but I have no clue where to meet such people. The whole concept of meeting new friends just reminds me of dating which dredges up a lot of bad memories.

I'll be honest. Those "I like X does X like me back" moments terrified me when I was dating. More often than not, the answer to "Does she like me back" was "Yes, but only as a friend." And those were the times when my brain didn't lock up in fear preventing me from finding out the answer. Interestingly enough, when I met my wife (online) there was none of that fear. Everything just felt natural and right with her.


I can totally relate to this. I am 47, single, no kids. That definitely puts me in the minority in many cases. I think it is harder to make friends as an adult, just as it is harder to date as an adult. I wish sometimes there was the adult equivalent of the note with the "Check Yeo or NO" boxes we used in grade school.

Congrats on your new friend!


I agree with another comment, it is VERY hard to make new friends as an adult. I am struggling with that right now.

Jester Queen

Oh yeah. A colleague with a similar sense of humor is a GODSEND. Especially if your have a hectic time of it right now on the job!


Congrats on the new work husband. My wife has one as well. He has been to the house even. Good guy and good family.


I know exactly what you mean.


You know, I'm this personality on Twitter & the web . . . I'm very similar in person. Except when I first meet someone in real life. If I've "known you" online for any amount of time, I know you've made up some decision about me - who I am, what I'm like, etc. It's only during that very first "close enough to touch" (though I'm a hugger, so the "awkward moment as to whether or not a handshake or a wave or a bow would have been more appropriate than a hug") that I actually get really nervous about whether or not people like me.

But, then I think about me - how I've made my decisions about that person based on the online relationship, and physical appearance and/or the fact that the person is physically there means nothing by that point, so I get over it pretty easily.

But, yeah, I know what you mean. And, yes, your husband is right, what's not to like?

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