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March 02, 2012


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Your family is genius.. i love it!


I really need to start doing this. Easy way to bring cheer back when ya need it.

also there would be no way to not beam with pride from the "it had a crack in it" line.


LOL! Husbands!!! I really don't know what to write. I am just grinning from ear to ear. I am continually reminded by reading other's blogs we are all in this together facing so many similar moments yet all in our own time. Happy Friday! :-)


Bet this made you fell better...it sure did me!! But, you really gotta work on 10!! Have a great weekend.


I love your family.

But I have a hard time imagining anyone being thrilled with five inches. I mean, personally, I'm fine with five inches, but Duffy claims it's too girthy.


Hi! Had good vibes reading this post! Thanks for sharing the things that made you laugh. I think you're a good cheerer to start another day with.

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