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March 29, 2012


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Thank God for little dogs. I just let the poop lay. It's good for the grass, right?


That's crazy! I can't handle that much poop!


I would have loved to have seen that picture!


That's the only thing I'd be able to picture, as well . . . and now, I won't be able to look at any large dog without thinking that the owner should be carrying around a snow shovel.


THAT is why I love my two toy poodles! They have backyard access to deposit they're mini candy bar size poops which magically disappear when it rains. My German Shepherd mix (about 50lbs) is a stealth pooper. I say that b/c I've never seen him go in the 3 years we've had him or his pile. I'm not complaining and he seems healthy, but it makes me wonder sometimes if he's a 10lb dog with 40lbs of partially digested dog food in there somewhere.

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