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March 08, 2012


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Thanks for sharing the NYC pics! I've never been. And hubs' company is also majorly reorg-ing. Again. Just a word of advice...you better hang on, because with each one he's been thru, it has meant way more work delegated to him. Less people=more work. Hang in there.


If you can, go to Butter. Any restaurant with THAT name must be good, right?


Loved New York - enjoy it while on the company.

Jenny Lyn

I would of so downed that tiny bottle of Tequila and then had a stroke when I saw the charge on the bill. No doubt that one little shot was probably $15.

You have greater willpower than I. Enjoy New York. I'm terribly jealous.


This might be childish, but I love scary movies and all things scary, the Jekyll & Hyde Club is one of my favorite spots to go. I don't remember much of the food but everything was just so fun! Typing it out, it seems even more childish but I loved it


Took a day trip into NYC while living in PA in 2008, and a local friend treated our group to Uncle Nick's: http://unclenicksgreekcuisine.us/ The food was to die for, and the atmosphere was so fantastic we lingered too long and were almost late for our evening show!

Heather B

What's your username on Instagram? I'd love to check out your other pics and follow you! Is that a little too "wanna be BFF's?" ;-)

Jessie Powell

It is unlikely to slow down. Dust. For sure, dust.

D Magazine (Dawne Strehl)

Next time you're in the City, check out Blue Ribbon in Greenwich Village. They make their own bread and their sandwiches and everything are wonderful!

My new favorite near the theater area is West End Grill. Lobster Tacos. Need I say more?

Bobby Flay's Cafe Americaine is one of my other favs in Manhattan.

Lovely restaurants all and not so bad on the pocket.
Regards, D at D Magazine http://dmagazine.me/


I work graveyards so my days are always messed up. I can never remember if I'm coming or going.

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