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March 26, 2012


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Awwwww. Is your five year old daughter the younger of your two middles? I see some fascinating birth order dynamics at play here!


Oh that is goddamn BEAUTIFUL.



It's good that she came clean. I confessed to more than a few things I didn't do because I was tired of sitting in time-out with my little sister. I don't recall her ever apologizing to me though (which is pretty consistent with her behavior as an adult now that I think about it).


Wow. If we ever have kids, I want them to be like yours.


Great story. I would be so proud!


this is fantastic....such a proud mommy moment.

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What a great lesson, all around.

You've got some good kids there.

Jester Queen

...wait .... you complimented him for taking the blame? I give my kids holy HELL if the one kid takes the blame for the other. Which my daughter tries to do all the time. Because in our house, that's lying to cover somebody's tracks, and I consider it pretty damned shitty behavior.

But then again, my two wouldn't feel in the least guilty about a group punishment, either.


Great story. I know you sometimes worry that being gone a lot might adversely affect the kids. Don't worry...you're doing fine!

Nicole D.

All I can say, as a lurker who enjoys all the stories about your kids, is AWWWWWWWWW!

D Magazine (Dawne Strehl)

Awww. That's so precious! I only have the one son, but I wish I had had others. (at least one more). Stories like this reminds me of what I always say "I've never met a kid I didn't like". (:^)

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