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March 15, 2012


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Although I will miss all of the vibrator talk, this is totally understandable. Good luck!


Aw, boo! I just found your blog recently, and I'm going to miss it :( Of course, life has to come first, and it's nice to see someone with their priorities right!

Also, had a moment yesterday that made me think immediately of this blog: My hubs and I decided to have some "us time", and he was like a man possessed - which is great, until I realized when it was over that our window had been wide open the whole time, so the whole neighborhood heard us :)


BRAVO! Yes I am sad as I just found you.
Bravo! For awesome priorities.
I hope you do get those 24k cajones, you deserve them.
You an awesome wife and a great mother.
Hope to see you soon!



Does this mean no more wine party??? Waaahhhh!!!


I will be thinking of you..I think a break for all stress is good.. big kiss


You will be missed, but looking forward to hearing your tales of the 24 carat cajones and how you made them yours! Hope to see you @ #wineparty when you need to vent.


Was worried when I didn't see a post from you yesterday. Glad everything is okay. Good luck!! One of your many trusty fans that will never go away :)

Ranch Mama

I just met you, and was amazed by how much you do. You are a wonderful writer and a great inspiration. But taking care of yourself and yor family needs is the most important. We will always be here, children and job opportunities will not.


I'm sure that every other daily reader would agree that it's been clear to see that this was coming for awhile. We will always be here... take all of the time that you need... if your "real life" is getting to be too much, then certainly "Kit" won't be having any fun!! I'll miss you!!


No worries darlin', you take care of 'real life' first; we'll still be here. (And can I say how impressed I am with your stamina to post at least something every day? Four kids, house, full time job and that? My hat is off to you lady.)


I am also a newbie but you know how much I have enjoyed the short period since I found you. Like the others, will miss the regular jolt of BD but certainly understand. I salute you (and all the others out there that keep a family and business going) for managing the load that you carry and certainly understand the need to cut back a bit...hell, I can't even keep a journal going for more than one day in a row! :-) As Dawn said, no worries; we'll be here!!


Cheers Kit! I'll still be here checking in.


Sometimes it's helpful to cut back for a bit. Keeps you from getting completely burned out. I used to try to post 7 days a week and quickly found myself getting burned out. I cut back to only doing 3 days a week for awhile and have worked my way back up to 5 days. (Though, I use Wordless Wednesday and Aloha Friday as "easy post days.")

Good luck on the work stuff.


Okay, you obviously deserve a break. I take them all the time, but my breaks are due to laziness, not busyness.


Do what you do! I've been on blog hiatus for a while. But my blog isn't nearly as good as your:) I've 3 months into owning my own business so every single day it seems like I've got goals, details, plans, etc. My head is spinning! Hats off to you for changing jobs, and awesome job seeing the good in this challenge.


I understand toning things down, dialing things back, whatever the heck you need to do more than most, I think.

Know that, when you do post, we'll be here, reading. When you party, we'll be partying with you. When you're naked, we'll be watching through our spycams that we've installed . . . one of those may not be true.

Seriously, take care of yourself - check in when you can.


I think its okay not to post daily or even multiple times a week. Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the blogs because there is new content all the time. Which is great because I like to read them, but don't worry we'll still all be here if you only post once a week or three times a month.

Busy is good. Fun. Exhilarating. Just keep an eye on it not getting too crazy. =)

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