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March 12, 2012


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The question IS...
What were you and Siri ding?


When my husband and I have an epic disagreement, he's the one more likely to cry, yet he has no difficulty falling asleep. This makes me want to grab a pillow and smother him. Seems that that would be even more satisfying.


If I was a "petty" person, I'd say big girls get even. When my DH and I disagreed heartily he used to fall asleep during my side of it. Smothering is too good for them. I like the idea of Siri better and it would keep me out of prison, I look terrible in orange.


yeah, what, so with siri, is that technically a menage a trois? And if so, how did you enjoy it? (Aside from the crying...)


Silly husband. Orgasms beat tears every night of the week.

Jessie Powell

Should have let him think the former and given him a guilt trip about it!

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