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March 21, 2012


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Aaaahhhhhh, I've been looking for this! A bidet and a toilet in one! Well, except for the leaking part. That just sucks.


The leaking sucks . . . I've only ever seen a bidet as a separate apparatus, but I've always enjoyed using them whenever I've stayed at a place where one has been available.

Jester Queen

I love the idea of bidets, but I'm paranoid. My mother for some reason always considered them filthy and I don't understand her logic, but it sticks with me.


For some reason I am frightened of bidets. I don't really quite understand them and am perplexed by the concept of shooting water going anywhere. I am however slightly intrigued to try it out...

Jenny Lyn

Oh, come on, Kit. You might get that same smile on your face that your son did! Although if I had one it still probably wouldn't save me on tp.

Jessica Nessicka

I still prefer the bidet spray than this one. At least when I use the spray, I can still control it.

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