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February 27, 2012


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I hope "stop blogging and go do my resume" just means that you were just going to close out this blog post, not stop blogging entirely. I'd miss reading your blog posts.

Either way, good luck. I've been through a bad acquisition, so I know how tough it is. At the time, my team went from the big fish of the company to being told by the big company's marketing department "You have great content, but we don't know how to sell it so we're cutting you."

I doubt I could help with a job search, but if there's anything I can do just let me know.


My brother has held on to anything trying to get a job, to get an internship doing one... I think he job market has turned some employers into such assholes, stringing along people.
Im sorry your employers don't see the goddess you are. But everyone else does!


I'm sorry you are in this position. So, so sorry. I've been there but unlike you, I haven't been able to cut the cord and walk away. Part of it's fear, part of it's inertia, part of it's being terrified that someone will find out that I'm really not that great of a worker and that I'm not as smart or as talented as I've always been told I was.

You go work some magic on that resume; no one should be made to feel that they are lucky to just have a job. You are worth tons more than that!


You are better...and don't you ever forget it!!


Yup, doesn't hurt to get the resume out.

Ariana Richards

I've been through so many buy-outs (3 of my last four jobs, with one going through two buy-outs), being both on the buying company side and the bought company side...and if you can already see them making negative changes, you're making the right choice by polishing your resume.

The looking sucks, but the finding something better makes it all worthwhile (as you've already discovered once :-))


LOVE YOU. You deserve everything you think you deserve AND MORE. And don't you ever, for one second, forget it. Or question it. Follow your gut and remember, "Everything works out okay in the end. If it isn't okay, it isn't the end."


OMGoodness my husband was/is exactly in the same situation as you! Now he commutes 2 long hours to-from his new job and his new boss rides him daily with threats & he is stressed to his limit! No job is worth that! Good luck I wish you all the best in the days and weeks to come.


I am in the same position as your old job. Where does the line between "needing a paycheck" and "sacrificing my own happiness" fall?

Kristin Milton

I was in one of those horrible jobs, and stayed because I needed maternity leave, then stayed because of the flexibility... then I was made redundant, and it was absolutely the best thing ever.
Nine months of contracting until i found the job I really wnted, then I won it and i couldn't be happier.
I KNOW I'm not a rebel - I didn't jump. I'm so glad I was pushed.


For what it's worth...you make my "not so happy" job better each morning when I sit down at my desk excited to read your latest post while I drink my tea/coffee and eat my breakfast bar. I tell people about your blog all the time in hopes that the more readers you get, the less likely you may need a job at all...your job could be making us laugh all day long...and writing that book your always talking about :) You sounds like an amazing woman and it sounds like you have an amazing husband/support system, so I have no doubt that you will realize in time what the right thing for you is.


I recently left a job where the atomosphere was becoming more and more toxic. People were quitting, I was getting an ulcer, having anxiety attacks. Some folks were kind and amazing and others would stab you in the back or hold grudges for YEARS. So I took the plunge and left. And I’m glad I did because I’m less ill and sad than I was. But now, I’m seeing just how toxic the new environment is and how the job I was hired for isn’t the job I’m doing or may even get to do. I’m hanging in for awhile to see if it works itself out, but I’m seriously thinking it might be time to go back to corporate or even go out on my own.
I wish you luck and hope it doesn’t go south on you.

You are one of the ones that helped convince me that my (and my family's ) happiness was worth it. And as rough as this is, I'm doing a lot better mentally. Please allow me to return the favor.

You deserve happiness!


Kit, we love you. Seriously, your blog posts are some of the highlights of my day, every single day I find some time to spend in the blogosphere.

I have a very, very hard time imagining you not successful in any line of work. seriously.

I left my old job a little over a year ago, because I was pretty confident that my old company was going to go under. Since I left, there have been four rounds of layoffs, and I'm 99% certain I would have been one of the unlucky ones.

Now, I'm at a job that I'm still trying to figure out how it will "click" for me. But, it's a job, and I'm doing the best I can, but I'm also polishing off my resume.

And thinking, perhaps, that maybe I'm just not in the right line of work. I think I'd make a kick-ass physical therapist / personal trainer. Don't you agree?

Jessie Powell

Take the blog thing pro. Your job is getting ready to suck you. I don't even know where you work or who you really are, and I can tell you this for sure. You have the potential to be a classy sex blogger (RARE) and that's where your future lies. Your company will drain you until your family has nothing left of you. Don't hide. Don't lie to yourself. Instead, figure out where the breaking point needs to be so you don't have to creep up on it. Decide what you need to do to push your blog to the next level. The person you want to be is sitting right beside you all the time, you know, waiting for you to step into her.

Leigh Ann

I think about this a lot. How my and my husband's ability to remain content may very well doom us to a life of mediocrity. If we don't take chances an push and challenge ourselves, then how can we expect any rewards or satisfaction? Very few people have these things fall into their laps.

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