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February 15, 2012


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She sounds like my grandmother. Even now, we see her on birthdays and holidays but we can tell that we are lower middle class, and a little bit redneck and it bothers her. But I love her dearly and the poems and saying I remember learning from her are the not so proper ones. I think I learned beans, beans the magical fruit from this grandmother.

Cute story, I love it.


Haha my grandmother taught me:

There was a man from Boston
He drove a baby Austin.
He had room for his a$$
And a gallon of gas
And his b@!ls drug the ground till he lost them!

So so so proud haha! But my grandmother was not at all snobbish. Very very very country. And proud :)


I love this story!

Erin @ Brownie Bites

I think I prefer your version. Hilarious! You're on a farting kick this week!

Jessie Powell

I like the second poem better!!


well at least you got out of reciting poetry on command lol!!


What's funny is that I could see you doing something like this, now, fully intentionally.

Kevin Hollowell

My grandmother would've loved that poem!


Ha..if you never want to be asked to do something, be sure to do it wrong. I've learned this works well with in-laws especially....I've never had to host a holiday meal since :)


My paternal grandmother was a cold, hard woman. No matter what we did, we could never measure up. In her eyes, were were filthy little ragamuffins, so she missed out on getting to really know some amazingly creative, loveable, funny kids.

The other grandmother was completely opposite, and I still worship the ground she walked on. The rituals and sacraments make it rather uncomfortable for the people now living in her house, but that's not my problem.

A Morning Grouch

Hah, maybe it was a subconscious slip - I think it must've been :)

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