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February 24, 2012


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My husband gets up way too early every morning and starts a two hour long commute to NYC. He may be one of those men you saw in a suite on your morning run, however I know he would have acknowledge you with a smile. Glad you managed to get up and see the city in that way. There is nothing like the solitude of an early morning run.

mommymetamorphosis@wordpress.com (for some reason it won't allow me to post using this as my URL)???


Since I dont know that i will ever get the chance to experience NYC ( Though I really hope too!) It's posts like this that I absolutely adore! The little tidbits that make me feel like I'm there! :) Thank YOU! Ps~ I knew you had it in ya... ;)

JJ @ 84thand3rd

Good for you to go, esp so early in the morn! When we lived in the city is when I started to like running - around the reservoir in Central Park, dodging the tourists, it was like a different world to the madness outside of the park! We still go for a loop or two when we are in town. Sigh. Say ~hi~ to NY for me, I miss her!


I don't understand how that last one fits in with the rest. I agree with it, it just doesn't match.


I have to ask - were you part of the "surroundings" of which the NY men were so aware?? :-) Me too water! Have a safe journey home.


That is bloody awesome you were up and out the door before the majority of us. Well at least me.




Jessie Powell

I hate owning an animal whose poop I have to pick up. ICKY SICKY

Amalie Garvoille

I felt like I was running with you! BTW, I did request to join your running group on FB (under my *real* name as I write under a pseudonym ;)Looking forward to more posts!


It follows with the one before it. :)

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