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February 07, 2012


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Oh God! Ginger Snaps! I love them, but they have to be the good ones. The spicy ones with genuine snap, none of that kiddie stuff.

Nilla wafers, such a sorry excuse for a cookie!

Apple Newtons...maybe, but never Fig.

Mrs. Bridges

We have a similar problem with Oreos. If we have them in the house, we eat the entire package together in one sitting. Our argument is always over whether we should get regular ones or Double Stuffed ones. We've just stopped buying them altogether, but I do miss them very much.


Oreos, especially the Halloween oreos are dangerous. If they are in the house they will be eaten with great abandon. So we just don't. At least after Halloween. Ok, it's all oreos.
At one point I had my sugar intake down to one ghiradelli 72% a night. I must get back to that place.

DB Landes

I'm right there with you... fig newtons make me throw up in my mouth! Gross!


Truly freaking perfect example of a match made! I love this!

Jessie Powell

That's hilarious. You have to have SOMETHING in the house, or you'd go buy more, right? But it has to be something you both hate. That's great.


We were just having this same conversation about Girl Scout cookies. The solution: no one is allowed to buy them. The temptation is just too strong.


I cant resist ginger snaps or oreos... My hubby likes oatmeal. Hard decisions...


My hubby and I have the same issues..


I thought you had something like ginger snaps that you were using to combat the fact that ginger snaps were around? Then again, I'd be completely powerless if there were peanut butter cookies all over the place, even if I had a low-calorie alternative . . . I'd just eat both.

Dessert foods are funny between my wife & myself, because I hate chocolate (something about the taste) and she hates most fruits. Peanut Butter cookies are, really, the only thing that we can keep on hand that we'd both go after . . . so we need to watch ourselves with them.

I love the compromise between the two of you guys :-)


Yeah Fig Newtons are gross.


John, I had ginger chews but they stick in my teeth and I care more about my teeth than my waistline, apparently.

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