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February 12, 2012


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Bastard. You need to make revenge cookies. And eat them alone.


LOL! That sounds just like my husband! Except that his choice cookies would be Nutter Butters:)
Happy Valentine's to both of you:)


Mine has a Thin Mint problem. As in he won't share.


My kids stole my gingersnaps today. I'm lucky enough my hubby doesn't really like sweets.


I've just discovered my whole family is into food hiding/hoarding. Creepy. Too bad I'm the only one who knows where everything is.

Jessie Powell

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh MAN The SNEAKY FOOL. Did he REALLY think he could put one over on you?

Deanna Ogle

I never know where you're going with these posts! That's what I love about your blog. :)

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

I guess you better get some more batteries for Carmen...


Sounds like Siri is going to have a truly wonderful Valentine's Day, though...


Mine always adds cajun and pepper to everything I make before he even tastes it. Even when I TELL him I already added fucking cajun and pepper. Bastards, all of them.


For me, what's worse is when my husband DOESN'T eat cookies. Then I have to blame their entire disappearance on me. ;(


you should hide them on him...


My husband does this with Oreos. DOUBLE-STUFF Oreos. Seriously, I think I have a better case against mine than your ginger snap hoarding hubby. (Sorry, the boxed ones just aren't that good to me.)

Coffee Lovin' Mom

Don't tell anyone but I hid 2 boxes of girlscout cookies back in the freezer..I might need a reminder on this in a couple months when I realize there's missing boxes..

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