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February 16, 2012


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Erin @ Brownie Bites

At least your husband is willing to try to uh, make the beast go away on his own! Never works in my neck of the woods!


Oh well...the Valentine's Day make-up sex should be pretty good for both of you!!

Jessie Powell

Yeah. Scott will WANT to go for ages, even if I'm sending the "I'm NOT WAKING UP" signals.


Sea sick...nice illustration. Ha.

Gwendolyn Francis

Wait, you lost me at "you stink." Did u douse yourself in some pheromone spray? Maybe your husband should warn you 45 mins prior to his "nobody drives it like the owner" campaign you could take some meclazine (used for sea sickness. I can just see you doing a TV ad!!!

D Magazine (Dawne Strehl)

Ha! Well, I'll tell you what. I can tell by your and your H's sense of humor that you'll be married forever. Happily (:^)

Cheers, D


hahaha!! this was hilarious. i'm sorry your 'love' day wasn't. it's awesome you can look upon this with such humor. i'm thinking it wasn't so funny when it happened.
thanks for the laughs!

Tethered Heather

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the laugh! I love your brutally honest stories. It helps break up the mundane. So a big fat thanks from me!!!


We didn't have sex on Valentine's Day either. I'm pretty sure I"m going to have to make up for that sooner than later!


I just woke my daughter up with my snort/laugh. If I ever blogged about stuff like this, my husband would kill me. Maybe that's because his step-mother and his mother-in-law read my blog. Anywho...this is great, I love that you are so uninhibited about sharing what real life is like.

Claire Lopez

Hilarious! Better luck next year!


This is HILARIOUS!!!!! I need to create a blog under a pen name! I am still laughing...

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