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February 28, 2012


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LOL Are we sisters? Your mom sounds like my mom!




Tell her you are even it is going to cost you $2 in gas and time to get rid of that scary thing.

Pish Posh

Maybe they gave her the manicure set for free :)

She figures if you pay her for the lottery ticket and you win then you have to share with her hahaha.


HaHa!! I gave up long ago on trying to understand the strange stuff my mom does. This kind of thing is right up her alley too.I believe my mom does it on purpose (some of it at least) just to mess with me.



And ohmigod I must go find my mom and give her a hug for not being strange.

Mike Sealy

LOL... Awesome. Thanx for sharing, I don't feel nearly so alone now in the Crazy Mother department :-D


And here I am wishing my mom was around to do crazy sh*t like that....but it is pretty funny.WHERE did she think you were going to hide, I mean display that?

Leslie Warren

LOL! Yeah, that sounds about right.


Sounds like something my mother-in-law would do to stick it to me!


At least your mom bought you a present. And think of the $2 for the Powerball as a good investment.


Geez, aside from the manicure story here, this is something my mother would do. Seriously, if I even mention being interested in something, I'll have some great big SOMETHING about the new item of interest, even if I only brought it up in a passing statement.

But, yeah, if she buys me anything I ask for, even a stick of gum, I'll be reminded what it cost.

Jessie Powell

Oh Geez. I guess she figures if you both win millions, she wants to be evens from the go?


Lol, well if you pay her back for the powerball ticket that means you probably don't have to split your winnings with her.

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