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February 23, 2012


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Erin @ Pixel Tips

Love the idea of the group. Sometimes taking photos really is about preserving memories and not about technical perfection.


Man! I miss New York! If only I could convince my husband to move back up north. He's such a southerner! I found fatmumslim through a link on your site and I plan on doing the March challenge! Thanks!

Pish Posh

I love the idea of the group too - not just to preserve memories (since bleh I don't want to remember right now) but because sometimes it helps us see our world anew


I vote that you did not get up and run this morning...#sleeping-in

jeff loquist

I'm going to vote yes. how could you not take the opportunity to run in Central Park?!

Guin Pherson

I vote yes!


Congratulations on getting up for an early run!
I love the world in the early morning, it feels like "alone time", even in a big city.


I'm voting yes. Your OCD kept you up all night thinking about it so it wasn't like you were sleeping well anyway.


I vote yes!

Erin the Creative Broad

So will your pic today be of your running shoes? (I vote you ran of course)


I woke up at 6:15 this morning and thought about running. But I figured someone, somewhere was already out running so I didn't have to.
Thank you. Hope your run was fabulous!


Of course you did. Who would miss the chance to run through Central Park? Not you. I mean I would, I hate running, but not you.

Sandra Hampson

Of course you got up and ran! The weather and skyline combined with your OCD means you had to stay on track for your 500 in 2012 :-)


There's nothing like the energy of NYC...no matter if it is 8am or 8pm. A lot of cities try, but none add up.


oh That sounds so nice...


Yeah, you got up and ran. I think it was a beautiful morning for it.


I am jealous and also I love you for reminding us to stop and appreciate the world as art which, btw, it totally is. <3

Jessie Powell

I love the light in this picture. It gives the whole thing a surreal quality.


Gorgeous Photo.
I joined the group. I'm awful at remembering to take photos. I hope this helps after all my iphone is like an appendage to me.

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

I like the idea of a photography group -- though mine will all be taken with my Fuji P&S.

Did you have a good run in Central Park? I've always wanted to go back to NYC. I was there on a family vacation when I was twelve. I'm sure it will feel much different as an adult.

Coach Handbags

I like the idea of a photography group -- though mine will all be taken with my Fuji P&S.


I absolutely love running in New York City . . . you're right, there is nothing else like it.

Sorry about Siri, though :-(

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