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February 21, 2012


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Your daughter will go far in life! Awesome.

Jessie Powell

That's awesome. That kid is hilarious.

Jen DZ

Nice end of your day! I especially appreciate your comment about herding cats. Sometimes there is nothing else that explains the process quite like that.

Erin @ Brownie Bites

HAHA, she has my kind of sense of humor!


I didn't know you had a butler.


Your family is awesome!


LOL! Holy crap. I love your children.


THAT was amazing! Two thumbs up to your daughter and her quick response to a bodily function! :D


This made me smile. It reminded me of my 2 year old trying to say "barking spiders" That's what my mom says (sometimes I do to) when someone lets one and no one claims it.


Yes, I suspect that, after everything the current butler will be blamed for, you will be shopping for a new one! :-) Great story!!


HILARIOUS! Reminds me of my son, when he was younger, now he doesn't get away with such so easily.

Real Dad

That is awesome!


My boys make no efforts to conceal who let it fly. In fact, my oldest will, at times, ask his younger brother to sit on his stomach. The reason for this? He has gas inside him and he's hoping that his brother sitting on his stomach will push him out. Yes, he wants his brother to use him as a human whoopee cushion.


Does your husband have a single brother?

Seriously, I have a friend here in Burbank who reminds me so much of you.

I smile when I see her because she makes me smile, but also because she reminds me of you, who also makes me grin. Have a great rest of the week!

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