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February 29, 2012


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Awesome! They will beat the living tar out of each other but then have each other's backs without a second thought.


that's so sweet....I wish my boys were like this more. They are only nice when they think I'm not watching, lol.


What does he do when you put something green on his plate?


Ur kids are so darn cute it's rediculous. Are you sure they are real? Seriousness... To darn cute...


So cute....
Glazed carrots maybe? With some honey and butter? Love them.


I hope, when my daughter is old enough to understand that kind of gesture, my son does similar things for his baby sis.


This is so sweet. I hope my boys are this good to each other as they get older.

Jessie Powell

What a cool brother-thing to do.


Good to see the boys looking out for each other.

Fencing is, seriously, something that I wish I could get into -- I think it'd be fun and be a great workout.

Jordans 2012

Good to see the boys looking out for each other.

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