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February 20, 2012


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I fell for the "let's take a nap" line recently. Before I knew it, I was being told of the advantages of naked sleep, and next thing you know ..

and she said afterward I have a sneaky penis. I thought she was the stealthy one.

p.s. I wouldn't have changed one.single.thing.


My husband says that this is how our first son was conceived. I "jumped" him and took advantage of him just before his first business trip of our marriage. Funny how those things happen, eh? LOL

Ashley Taylor

This is hilarious! And so real and so true! Love it! :)


Been there, been done by that, would do that again.

Jessie Powell

Yeah. We can't just romance without sex. I kind of miss that.

But then, the sex is really fun.

Krystle Wainscott

I often wonder why we don't just make out like in High School, and this is exactly why lol


I can't tell you the number of times I've reached out for my wife, to get a nice cuddle (because we never have time to just cuddle, and besides, I'm too tired for anything more serious) that leads to a nice kiss (because we never had time to just kiss, and I'm too tired for anything more serious) that leads to some petting, because I really like boobs (and my wife has great ones), that leads to pulling out restraints and multi-orgasmic nights.


Ha. My husband often accuses me of trying to seduce him and I inform him there's no way that I'm trying to do that. =)


Okay, the dude who wrote the first comment was talking about ME. And I made a JOKE about sleeping naked. I had no sooner said "naked" and his pants were off.

And it IS sneaky. This is a chronic problem in our relationship, in fact.

I think this comment is a cry for help.


OK, T - i take commands for nudity seriously.

Sure didn't sound like a joke. Sounded like a woman on a mission. A missionary mission.

I think you can blame the person-on-top party for any shenanigans. In this case .... her name begins with T.

I think this comment is a cry for round 2. judging solely by the smile on your face and declaration "best.nap.ever."


Shut up and take off your pants.


*that's* my girl.

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