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January 09, 2012


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Yay...another thing to look foward to. I suspect both my girls will be proficient at this by the time they are able to give me the death glare...

Jim W.


Kerry B

haha that is so cute and so true!


I hate to admit this, but I'm going to be 10 times worse when my daughter is just a little bit older...

Jessie Powell

Your family makes me laugh laugh LAUGH sometimes. I'll try to relate a similar story from my own youth. My Dad and I had a contentious relationship at best when I was a kid. But I loved to watch him shave. So I was about ten years old, watching him at the mirror and he says casually, "Here, I have a note for you" and he hands it to me. And just as I'm about to open it, he says "wait. Open it in a minute."

So the whole rest of the shave is me asking "now? now?" and him saying "no no".

Finally, he seems to be done. He rinses off and puts away his stuff. But, "Dad, you missed a spot." So he goes back and does that, THEN , he lets me open the note, which says something like

"I am about to leave off a spot when I shave. You are going to tell me about it just after I rinse my face and put away the towel".

A Morning Grouch

A father who knows his child! Awesome.

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