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January 05, 2012


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I talk to strangers all the time. That's how I got my first job - talking to the person behind me in a 2 hour long ticket line. I talk on planes, in the grocery store. Even a passing comment as I open the door for someone. Imagine who you wouldn't have met if you didn't talk.

Keep talking. And if you're in front of me in line, we'll have a great conversation.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I was never a stranger talker till my husband started a life in sales. And now I have to be a stranger talker, because otherwise I look like the brooding, bitchy, evil wife sitting next to her charming husband.

Also, my passport with my maiden name on it expired last year (three years after I was married). Which means when I flew to Paris last year, I purchased my ticket under my maiden name which was WEIRD! Also, I'm lazy. And also, I keep meaning to get it fixed. Which means also, I am forgetful.


I sometimes talk to strangers to... Well most of the times, but Im puertorrican, and Its pretty normal here... My mom was a bank manager for 25 yrs. In 1999 she quit her job, because she had been working 12hr days for ever, and had not spent enough time with her family, got some nice $ so my dad started a repir buissnes from home. My dad died of cancer in 2002, and to this day, though financially things have bEen really hard, she says she is happy to have quit her job, because she got to spend a lot of time with him... And I dont travel, so I dont even have a passport!! :/


It sounds like your 75 minutes were more entertaining than staying home with the noisy boys.


I am so not a stranger talker! But this was very interesting and maybe I will start stranger talking. :)


Funny, my biggest resolution for this year was to stop talking about it and just do it. I've been putting off traveling internationally for almost eight years. Either I think I don't have the money (although I make a shit ton more than I did when I went abroad during my late teens and early 20s) OR I tell myself I am waiting for a boyfriend/husband. Lame excuses, both of them. Therefore, I'm going to Mexico (Cabo) for the first time in March and back to England in October.

Coffee Lovin' Mom

My passport is good until 2020 (yes, I just checked) - if you ever need a stranger traveler..


CONGRATULATIONS (again)! I'm really glad that there is a passport office close to you so that you could make this happen for your trip!! Eat a reistafel for me!!

Jessie Powell

I KNEW there was a reason I liked you. You sent a random invite on Twitter, and I was all interested, but also suspicious, because I also get those from people who want me have teenaged sex with them whose accounts are suspended by the time I notice. And then I realized your blog is about sex, only much more interesting sex than the people whose twitter accounts are always going away. And so I accepted the twitter invite, and now we aren't strangers, just friends who have never met except on the internet. Cozy, yes?

Also, in my family, on my Dad's side, having an expired passport is like being a redneck. (NB at least one of these people is a redneck and just doesn't know it.) Anyway, I've spent a decade convincing my husband of this. And this year, we FINALLY got passports. I will post my pictures on my blog and send you the link when I do. It's bad.


LMAO! I'm a magnet for strangers with strange stories. I'll be minding my own business when out of the blue a person I've never met will start sharing deep, dark secrets or the most god-awful, horrific tragedy ever. I'm also a magnet for direction seekers. Must be a sign over my head or in my aura. One time I was driving in a blizzard, waiting at a stop sign, when a woman pulled up and gestured to me to roll down the window. Really? Of course, I lowered my window, sharp bitter snow belting me in the face, and sure enough, I heard her yelling "Do you know how to get to Route 28?" Sheesh!

Our passports are all up to date - thanks! So excited about your trip to Amsterdam - ooo-la-la! @AndeLyons


Because you talk to strangers is why we're all here!

75 minutes in line, when you had an appointment, though, is ludicrous -- even if you ended up with some good stories about it.

And, yeah, I'm checking my passport when I head home.

Morgan {The818}

Fuck. My passport is expired.

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