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January 23, 2012


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Yes, bedroom door locks. Why do so many people not have them?


Because then kids lock themselves inside rooms and you have to fiddle around with an ice pick and utter all sorts of words that you'd rather your kids didn't learn until they're thirty, all the while the kid's on the other side of the door working up into a full-on panic.

And by the time they get old enough that that's not an issue anymore, you have never gotten back round to installing a locking doorknob.

Ask me how I know.


My long-distance boyfriend visited me this weekend. Three glorious nights together after four weeks apart. Saturday night we got into bed, and he started cuddling me... Which is how we fall asleep together. Silly boyfriend. So I turned around, started kissing him, and then straddled him. Suddenly sleep was the last thing on his mind. ;)


Our bedroom door has a lock that does NOT work. Please allow me to introduce my Valentine's Day present to my husband - the Walkabout Door Lock! I had one for work travel years ago and can't find it now. It's removable, easy to use and will keep my lovely if ill-timed children out of my room.

Mary Hone

Can I just say....I'm SO glad I don't have to play that game anymore. Kids are grown and gone, and it's just me and the hubs. Oh and a great time is had by all.


I, honestly, cannot picture ever saying "sex would take the fire out of the workout."

But, the doors flying open? Yeah, I can picture that. All too well.

I'm glad there was a little somethin-somethin in your life. I remember coming back from a trip to London, and then having to work on an emergency work issue, immediately upon landing, after no small amount of teasing on the flight home. gah.

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