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January 06, 2012


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When you say you put un between you, how does that work? I'm looking for something that my wife and I can use together.


Learned an important lesson today. I read this post and was "inspired". Took a little "break" from writing, in my tiny office on the first floor of our house. At dinner, my DH told me he'd come to the window of my tiny office during the afternoon (while outside doing manly stuff) to tell me how much he loves me, but I wasn't there. Could have been either awkward or delicious!


I am thirty-one years old and have never owned a vibrator. Clearly I am missing out.


I've been disappointed in the charge times of the rechargeables...to the point where I'd kind of given up on them for playtime...but this sounds like the phallus-shaped industry finally has found out a secret or two. Thanks!


Wait, you mean if I make enough noise while I'm... blogging, people will give me pretty toys to play with?

This one sounds like one for the collection, for certain.

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