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January 26, 2012


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Did he take your vibe too?

Not a fan of airport security screenings here. They are more of a freakin' annoyance than something I view as saving me.

Mary Hone

That's pretty funny and tragic all at the same time.


That's ridiculous! Why couldn't you put it in your luggage? Why couldn't you mail it to yourself? Petty bastards.

On a personal note, I once was stopped for having an unopened jar of nutella. Apparently some soccer star in Europe has the same last name as I do, so I bought the jar with the "soccer jersey" wrapper. Perfect for work, right? It already has my name on it! TSA counted it as a liquid. It remains forever stalled in Germany...

Jessie Powell



TSA once removed a couple of sex toys from our checked luggage...and never said a word about it. Got home and our tickle whip and pseudo-surgical wheel thingy (can't remember what it's called, but it feels niiiiice) were just gone. They are either huge prudes or freaky-freaky pervs. Infuriates me, though, that there was no explanation, and I certainly can't see WHY they'd have been confiscated. The luggage was checked; what could we have done with them?! Grrr.


That's absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely.

Though the present you got for your husband that you did get to take home sounds wonderful, and I highly doubt that he minded not having the tobacco grinder ;-)

A Morning Grouch

Oh! What a bummer ! And how ridiculous you can't mail it to yourself!


kinda rigid about things aren't they? they remind me of my mom when I was a kid...she'd say no when it would have been easier to say yes...

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