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January 24, 2012


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Haha! He said poop


I giggle whenever someone says "duty".


I laugh when I see cougar warnings for our region.

Michelle Saunderson

My kids laugh when we go to pediatrician (sp?) because he has a sign over the trash that says "do not dispose of poopy diapers in the trash". My kids who are now teens still laugh every time they see the sign.


I had to ration the poo word at our house. Once a week.


I laughed at this. Not sure if was underwear or poop that did it.


Some adults never evolve beyond the underwear jokes! Like our local radio DJ:D Sounds like you are lucky to have a son with a true sense of humour :D


I'm chuckling . . . because you wrote "poop."

That's a big, big thing for D-, I mean, knowing that he's developing a real sense of humor is huge

Jessie Powell

You said poop and underpants in the same post. {Laughs hysterically}

Oh...wait....this was about a MATURING sense of humor.




Kim Pugliano

Hahahahaha! My 7yo nephew the other day was playing paramedic and he put EKG leads (he got them from firefighter dad) on his nipples and told his brother and cousins that's how the nipples get oxygen. Then they all giggled about nipples and I said, "You guys have nipples!" giggle giggle "I have nipples!" laughter "GRAMMA has nipples!!" pee your pants roll on the floor hysterics.


A Morning Grouch

hahaha. a lot of people don't grow out of this.....

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