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January 13, 2012


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Paris Angel

I just started Burlesque classes! Soooooo much fun!


On Friday the 13th... I think not.


I will be going to my boyfriends house today after not seeing him for a week. The house will be empty except for us so let the good times roll!


My wife isn't here, but this is one homework assignment I didn't want to procrastinate on so I just took matters into my own hands. Before you accept my dare, let me just say that I hope the customers in your coffee shop aren't as uptight as the ones here appear to be.

p.s. Miss ya, my friend -- hope you're well


Amsterdam? Have fun (both there and before you go)


I must have your mojo because we've had it more often lately than before.


I just stopped by dry spell by going to the store, buying new undies and then sexting my hubby all day at work teasing me about see my new hot undies. I even sent picture.

The sex was awesome.


I'm all about the sex.

But you knew that, already.

My next story at the dark side is about a man & a woman, meeting in the airport of a city that neither of them had seen, and not visiting the city, at all. But, well, I'm not likely to finish that before you leave.

But, still, something at http://johnsdarkside.blogspot.com has to tickle your fancy. There's a bit of everything up there. If not, well, there's a dude out there with a pierced cock that is absolutely wishing that you have such incredible sex before you board the plane that the entire business trip is, really, an afterthought.


I usually break the "he fell asleep before me" dryspell by getting all sorts of sexy, and waking him up w a BJ... I dont know of any man that would refuse a BJ, turn around and keep sleeping!!!


We just ended a long dry spell. I am currently the one exercising a lot and he is sleeping on the couch. thankfully we met in the middle and the timing was perfect.

And I so can't believe I am writing this on the interwebs. Holy cow, what would my mother think? Oh, that's right, Im the prude, she'd be proud!



Oh yeah, ended our dry spell last Tuesday. It was awesome.

I'm near Amsterdam :-) Have fun!


Ending our dry spell this afternoon... hubby confessed to having a "secretary" fantasy last week and well... let's just say I'll be playing "sexcretery" later. :-)


It's all about the sex and having the proper toys

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