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January 18, 2012


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This is the hilarious, awesome and disturbing all at the same time, pretty much what I expect being a parent to feel like. Now, please write a book. I'm serious.


This post needs to be published everywhere. It is so right on so many levels - sucker punch and all.


Inspiring post!


I totally LOVE this post. My husband does something similar with our kids, they love to be tickled. I never thought of the lesson behind it, though. That is awesome.


So lovely, so brave, so cute!
The intimidation game! I'm going to have to think about this one for our home. :-D

Lanae (@Hungrigyrl)

Ha! I love it. My husband tickles my boys all the time, but I never do because I hate to be tickled and I can't imagine doing that to someone! My kids however, just love it! I do always remind my husband to stop if they ask him too, and not to let it get too crazy since my oldest has actually peed a little from the tickling. Never a dull moment in our house!

Jessie Powell

I LIKE this kid!


She's all sorts of awesome, Kit.


Oh man, that too funny at the end. The entire post is great, but the sucker punch got me.

D Magazine (Dawne Strehl)

Sooo cute! I wish mine was that age still...he'll be 20 next week *sighs*.

I totally agree that tickling should be a fun game with limits. Sometimes I would just wiggle my fingers (in tickle mode) in front of Son and he would squeal with laughter just from that!

Great fun!

Coffee Lovin' Mom

I think you've learned your lesson...

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