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January 27, 2012


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Idk, I was always really fond of morning sex.

You know, when you wake up and all you can think is about putting your lady parts in someone's mouth.

Michelle P.

My husbands office moved to a few miles from our house recently & we frequently take advantage of nooners... we have to be very creative with two teenagers in the house who NEVER go to bed before we do! It took some getting used to, to meet up with each other in the light of day instead of in the dead of night!


What a coincidence! I just had... what should I call it? I just had "brunch." But seriously, high five on your Nooner. With a kid I learned that you need to get creative on finding ways and time to spend with your spouse. ...and to clean up those letter blocks before bedtime so you don't step and roll your ankles while running to the bedroom when the mood strikes. (note to self.)

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I'm usually in the mood for "tea time." Hubby is more of a first thing in the morning when I want it least, or bedtime when I want it second least. Sigh...

Ali @thecoffeeqween

I'm so jealous right now. Smh

Coffee Lovin' Mom

can I please have some of your libido?




Nooners were nice when the kids started school. Now he's retired and I work (role reversal) and we look forward to unrushed weekends. Unless the grandkids are here (yes old people like sex too). Then we just look forward to the hot tub and wine on Sunday after the grandkids leave.

Love Sex and Marriage

I love nooners, but with three kids 5 and under, it gets hard... I'm a big fan of putting on some SpongeBob, and then "Daddy and I are going to fold laundry, any one want to help?" That normally at least gets us enough time for a quicky!

Nakia Sin

Hun, even at 35, if u put two tired parents in a warm bed that's toddler free in an empty of teens house, we go to sleep. Seriously.

Jessie Powell

Afternoon sex is the best. I am a huge fan of it.


I love this post, Kit, bit you knew I would.

There's nothing like middle of the day sex, followed by a nap, followed by more sex, followed by dinner. But you just described, perhaps, the next best thing :-)

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