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January 10, 2012


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debra scott-brown

I would love to go to Greece or Italy and get all Lovey with my hubby...using Zestra glide all along the way!!


I want to travel Europe but spend extra time in Tuscany. I think it would be a perfect place to sleep in with the guy and enjoy some afternoon delight with wine!


At this point in our lives anywhere the kids (ages 2.75 years and 2.5 months) aren't ;)

Katie Chavanak

may sound strange, but I would love to go back to camp! it's where my husband met and were married and I think it could be very romantic... minus all the campers :)



But I guess I would need a romantic partner for that...


Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay... that's where we went for our honeymoon... and each time we return it's just as wonderful!!


Somewhere tropical and soon...


Cook Islands! Love the warm weather & beautiful blue ocean!


Scituate? No, too cold. um ... Elysee Hotel in New York without kids.


Hmmm... Somewhere with a beach and a babysitter!


I want to go to Hawaii. Its beautiful. And they have Kona coffee.


My husband and I talk about renting a cozy log cabin in a quaint little town in the mountains and staying there all by ourselves for a romantic week during the winter. Stone fireplace, outdoor hot tub to sit in while a few snow flakes drift down on us, close enough to a yummy pub style bar and a restaurant to walk to all bundled up. Crisp, clear starry nights and a really comfortable bed at exactly the right height. Sounds like paradise!


A little bed and breakfast in the mountains.

Shannon H.

Into my honey's arms. We barely get to see each other with our work schedules. It would be paradise for me.

Amy in Atlanta

Greece and Italy. It looks so romantic.


Anywhere I'm with my husband! But a pensione in Italy would be awesome.


Oh Solvenia...it's where I want to go on my honeymoon if/when I ever get married.


A quiet mountain get away. Somewhere with a near a nice restaraunt with no cell phone signal.


Mediterranean cruise... mmm :)


I would love to go to the beach! We have been to the beach only once together, on our honeymoon, and I think it would be so romantic to go again.


Berlin - and propose to my wife all over again.


In a mountian cabin or in a beach house along a deserted stretch of beach.


a cabin nestled in the woods with a lovely fireplace and no connection to any outside world. Just for a weekend where you are completely disconnected from anyone needing you for anything.


That's hard. If I'm going natural setting, it would have to be Tahiti. But if we're talking about a great place to stay, it would have to be one of the Sybaris suites, with their own private pool.

Discretion Advised

I can't think of anything more romantic than a cozy beach front condo on a tropical island.


Oh a train ride up to vermont for some time alone in the woods!


Impractically, Salem, MA because I love the little city so and he wants me to show it to him since he's never been there. Impractical because we have 2 neurotic dogs and no sitters. More realistic would be a nice cabin in the North Georgia Mountains that would be away from home, yet we could bring the dogs. Crazy right? But it's the away from home together and not worrying about the dogs that makes it so nice.

Misty @ The Family Math

I would love to go to Hawaii with my hubby. We both love the beach!

Maria P.

The most romantic place for us would be the fjords of Iceland... Beautiful sights - water, mountains and glaciers surrounding us, the gorgeous northern lights, away from the craziness of western civilization, and we'd need to be (ahem)creative to keep warm!

Beyond Normal Mom

Romantic place? A secluded cabin in the mountains with a hot tub overlooking the view. That sounds LOVERLY!

Lauren S

Hawaii or Europe, I'll take any vacation right now, lol.

Jeana C.

Belize for me!!! I've never been but it sounds beautiful!


The most romantic place would be a hotel overlooking the beach, just 20 minutes from home but really lets you escape from all the stress of life and enjoy each other's company! Plus midnight walks on the beach (romps in the sand?) dont hurt either!

Jessie Powell

Anyplace without kids?
No, seriously, the trans-Canada railroad. That would be THE best.

Joe G

Hawaii, but more specifically the island of Kauai, and even more specifically, the "Grand Canyon of Hawaii". It is beautiful (except for the wild chickens).

Krystle Wainscott

An Alaskan cruise! I've always wanted to go on one! Thanks for this chance to win!


ooh, Brazil! This exact question has been on my mind. I'm a teacher and have been conspiring with my guy to use my breaks for optimum travel fun...

LOVE trying out new lubes. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Kim Pugliano

For our first anniversary 2 years ago we drove 45 miles up the coast to Santa Barbara to a hotel with a 'city view' where we saw the ocean. There was champagne in our beautiful room and we strolled up Main Street to our favorite restaurant, Pascucci's, for dinner. I would like to go back every year.


We're talking about going to either Malta, Majorca or Lanzarote this spring, and I am sooo excited! Not only would they all be lovely, we desperately need a getaway together, and I'm really looking forward to 'reconnecting' with my hubby! :)

h4schaffer at gmail dot com


A cabin in the woods down in Arkansas - cold outside, fire inside... big bed, big tub - no neighbors.


In a tent, on a night that's not quite fall but not still summer, with the freshness of the night air mingling with the campfire fragrance still lingering in our hair. Nothing quite like loving under the night sky!


Switzerland, nice warm log cabin, snow outside, presence to go skiing but actually just keep each other warm instead ;)

melody negus

Any place our six kids aren't :)

Love Sex and Marriage

Hedonism resort...

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