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January 17, 2012


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You actually inspired me my Twitter/RunKeeper user friend. I did 440 miles last year, so it's 600 this year...I live in Texas so no snow excuse! #wegotthis

Account Deleted

Run Kit run!


You know, I'd run 500 miles. And then I'd run 500 more. Just to be the man who ran a thousand miles to show up at your door.


I'm really, really slacking in getting out the door to run in the cold this year . . . a year ago, I was waking up at 4:15 and, after walking & feeding the dogs, I was out & running by 5.

I'm still as active, but I'm not running as much . . . and I just don't push myself nearly as hard as I do when I'm running.

My goals this year were to bike 2500 miles, run 1000, and swim 100. I'm still holding onto those, because, in the lead up to a marathon, I'll run 50-60 miles in a week.

Without a trip like #RAGBRAI, where I'd get over 1k of cycling miles out of the way (between the lead-up and the actual week), I'm going to have to start getting serious about pedaling to work.

I'm thinking Mondays will be my heavy day at the gym. I'll bike to/from work on Tuesday (35 miles each way), run on Wednesdays before work, swim on Thursdays, run on Fridays. Then, figure out how to include long rides & long runs on the weekends.

If only I didn't like sleeping in.

Rhiannon Fieri

Well, I'm structurally incapable of running, but I will wave my arms around a whole lot, while cheering you on! Maybe those will tone up again.

Jessie Powell

How about I just cheer from the sidelines. Much more my style.


You know, I think I might just join you on that, not necessarily running wise, but more walking haha.
As I walk to uni/work and back most days and that's about 3 miles. So this would give me great motivation to keep it up over the holidays and when I finish to prevent me getting too fat haha. And I would run it, but then no-one would sit next to me in lectures all hot and sweaty! xxx

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