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December 29, 2011


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An air popper is probably the best money we've ever spent. Next time, make it in the closet. Not that I've ever done that.


I LOVE my Roku box and am completely jealous you got an air popper. Also, Sherlock Holmes 2 was witty in my opinion. I recommend seeing it, though I never advocate spending money to see a movie in theaters. Buying two tickets is pretty much paying to see the movie twice without the second viewing.

The Six-Fingered Monkey

LOL. Awesome.


We don't have an air popper, but we do have a Whirley Pop. I've really got to make a nice batch of popcorn.

As for kids sense of smell, whenever I'm making soy bacon (we're kosher in our house), my oldest son can smell it 2 rooms away. He'll shout "You're making 'fakin bacon' aren't you?" and then he'll come in demanding slices. Even if I was only making some for me. I lose more fakin bacon that way!

Kim Pugliano

(shaking head) kids ruin everything

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