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December 16, 2011


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apparently you traveled in time too because the post is dated december 16th ??? or maybe its me and that nap i took was WAY longer than i thought.


Girl! I am toatlly on that trip too! I love my kids! But doubt I will ever grow up. So I just enjoy my grown up moments while they last! Life can be sooo amazing!

Jessie Powell

A writer. A published writer. My publisher released the e-book edition of my novel yesterday. I think that the ship has sailed, and I think maybe I'm onboard.


I have loved being a mom and hope in my next chapter I get to be a grandma! I think that'll be even more fun than this has been.


Lass, if you ever get out west. come to Utah and we'll show you a treat. Bloggess even managed to throw down a zombie apocalypse here...


For me it's now more about what I'll do when my kids grow up, than when I grow up. And the list is constantly growing. I got married fairly young and never got to travel so I have big plans for traveling, including backpacking across Europe and riding a motorcycle across the US, and spending some time in Alaska (don't know why but I've recently become obsessed with the idea of going to Alaska). So I've got BIG plans, which I just have to wait about 15 years or so to make happen.


There is room for both back roads and restaurants and, though it is always fun to do them with your spouse, it is sometimes more important just to do them!


Kim Pugliano

A home owner and a big bank account haver.


When I grow up, I'm going to be a professional cyclist, I think. You know, when I'm not being a rockstar gigolo.

Because that's my true calling.


I would like to live in Paris when I grow up x

Todd 'tojosan' Jordan

I'd like to travel the world, especially UK and Japan.
Oh, what would I do? Write, photograph, laugh.


I'm still thinking that I might be a movie star when I grow up. All these forensic reports that I spend my days signing are really just my way of perfecting my autograph...

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