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December 13, 2011


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Monica Holliday

Don't you get too hot in the snuggie?

lunch at 11:30

i can't believe you found that photo of me! geesh and i was even feeling "fat" that day...


I need this book! My suggestion for something naughty is a vibrator. I can't believe it didn't make your list.

Jessie Powell

I think the Siri is a vibrator. I can add nothing to a list that includes the words "Snuggie Sutra" a book I feel I need simply for its title.


I like the classic naughty Christmas outfit, red velvet with white fluffy trim.


My classic, a glass of wine and me in nothing but a bow waiting for the hubby to unwrap me. His package will be mine in no time.

Krystle Wainscott

I got Hubby a Snuggie for Christmas...cuz he actually wanted it...weird I know! So now we are going to need that book! A suggestive coupon book would be a great stocking stuffer!


I often wonder if the digital camera or the Polaroid did more for amateur photos?

Not long ago, I bought a medium-sized bottle of professional massage oil....it's always better when there aren't any "happy ending" rules.


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa oh god I may pee my pants laughing. There's a SNUGGIE SUTRA? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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