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December 09, 2011


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may I add

11. Never fail to tell the people you love, how much you love them. You'll regret what you don;t say, more than what you do say.


Love this! I just needed to hear most of these today.

Kevin Hollowell

So basically, 11 things EVERYONE needs to learn... Wonderful!


Great list. I'd like to add: It is okay to be wrong so have the courage to apologize for being wrong.

Bryan E Patrick

My parents convinced me I could accomplish anything I wanted if I set my mind to it and worked hard. That life wasn't fair, but it didn't matter what hand you were dealt if you played it well enough. I'm eternally grateful for that. Even though my kids are grown I still try to keep giving them the same message.


Kit, look at what you've started here!
I LOVE everything that you've put and what people are adding.
One of my favs is "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything".


Are your hormones acting up this week? (PS: Not Whore-moans).


beautiful! Love this!


I tell my 8 year old son all the time that I don't want to hear him say "I can't..." He gets in the habit of saying that and getting all wound up about how he can't complete a task. Then he tries and finds that it is really easy.

As for #2, I'd add a corollary: Don't pay attention if someone thinks badly of you. There are very few people in this world from whom negative opinions really matter. That "very few people" depends on the individual person. In NHL's case, it is my wife and me. Pay attention to those people and ignore the rest if they express negative opinions.

The Redneck Princess

Great Post!!! All good advice :) Happy Friday!

Moomser Blog

I did things I want to teach my children as a first of the month series for a few months back in the spring and summer, I would definitely add some of yours now too though especially 3,4 and 7.
Here's one of mine for toddlers, if you're so inclined: http://moomser.blogspot.com/2011/06/ten-things-i-want-to-teach-my-children.html


This in itself is a powerful message. All so true! I want my children to learn all of these things too.

hannie c

Good one.




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Totally stealing this idea!


Looks like Hendricks Gin reads your blog!
Not spam, but it is very good gin :-)

Kim Pugliano


Sam Flowers

Like the list.

Not sure about number eight though - I don't think there is a Karma Police, nice though that would be.


Love it. I think i need to tape up number 2 for myself. I have this endless need to please everyone. Its kind of pain in the ass in reality.


While I love this - but part of me who hates being late will always think that, those 30 seconds for the kiss will cascade into minutes late, which people would care about.

So, you just have to prioritize the kiss, so that it's never a "be late or don't kiss" decision.


I think also -

You are beautiful. And smart. And wonderful.

(And can slay dragons if you want to)

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