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December 12, 2011


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Is it better than the KY stuff? Because I have to admit that is some good stuff.


I trust your opinion


I'm all good with the extra tingly stuff as long as it either goes away fairly quickly afterward or it washes off. The hubs and I have tried a few other things that sent me into orbit and not in a fun way! Talk about a mood killer. Heh.

Gwendolyn Francis (@pullmyfunnybone)

Sadly, I am single and have no one to try this out with. (Does my dog count?)

Do you think if I tried this out with my vibrator I would spontaneously combust and someone would have to clean my lady bits off the ceiling and my mother would find out I died in a horrific masturbatory accident?


Gwendolyn: I am a reserved person, embarrassed by public outbursts. I am sitting in a restaurant laughing out loud. People are looking at me.

Coffee Lovin' Mom

I keep saying my husband should be reading your blog...


This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing. May pass this onto a my friends, just about to celebrate their 20th. I'll tell them it'll bring back the magic, haha. chinese astrology compatibility


What if you accidentally rub your nose?

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