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December 30, 2011


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I REALLY need to work on #3. I can over think my way into a pregnancy. Ugh. So glad 2011 was great for ya! Here's hoping 2012 kicks even more ass!


I LOVE this. That list is so inspiring!


Back at 'cha!

Gwendolyn Francis (@pullmyfunnybone)

Great post!!! I am still recovering from "Crabopocalypse" what a horrible way to kick off your VACATION!

And...yeah...SURE it was your cottage infiltrated by those oldies...and not your body. Seriously, love your blog! Keep it up! Don't know what you do as your job. Am curious!


Congrats on a great year, and this is a terrific list, thanks for sharing! Gonna check out the linkback. Happy New Year!


Awesome post! Thank you for keeping me entertained this year, and here's to all the best in 2012!

Mayor Gia

Hmmm, those all seem very true. And also, I read the crabs post you link to. Hilarious/disgusting...but definitely better than bedbugs! Happy New Year!


It's not so hard for you to make new friends...you didn't even "know" me before I stumbled across your award winning blog in the bloogies. And now we're "buds."
Have a super New Year's celebration,,,you deserve it! And 2012 will be one of the best yet, I'm sure of it!

Thirty Something

This is a great list! I am stealing some of these for sure! Thanks!


Ooh, I am totally stealing this. Thank you!!!

One of my favorite sayings? Choose happiness. It kind of goes with #2...when you choose to look at the silver lining, the positive results, the smiles instead of the frowns? Life FEELS better. People may call me Miss Mary Sunshine in their snarky voices, but I sure am happier than they are. :)

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