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December 26, 2011


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What a cute story. It's nice to know that children are not always the little savages we make them out to be. But in the end, the two brushes was the smart thing to do. That sharing thing "today" might not last "tomorrow".

My daughter's American Girl doll is sitting in her bedroom, long forgotten, with a hair full of dust. Of course, my daughter is 27 now. I probably should donate it; some little girl out there would probably love having an Addy doll.


Thats totally awesome! I love the way we underestimate our kids (based on bitter experience) - its so cool when they come up with the goods like this. Happy Christmas from Perth :)


In which the kids behave better than the parents do...You must be raising them right! Great story.


OMG! THAT is hilarious!!! love that!


A miracle indeed...this could be a Lifetime Movie. ;) Love it.


Just when you least expect it!! What Paula said!

Rebecca Simmons

Those moments are the best! What great insight for all us mamas who think we have to have things perfect for our kids when really the best things come from when we don't.


I was reading through all of this, thinking "she's going to get that second brush, but it will get lost in the excitement, and it's not going to matter, which will be the real Christmas miracle."

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas morning in the Dangerously household :-)


Our Christmas miracle involved our 12 year old reading to our 7 year old. The next day then beat on each other with candy canes. I'll take it where I can.


So glad that the big sister shared with the little sister (I think I *almost* always shared with my little sister....).

IF American Girl dolls become a big thing for the girls, you can get outfits MUCH CHEAPER on Amazon. They aren't the American Girl brand, but they are very pretty, good quality, and most importantly - fit the dolls.


Chunky Mama

Hooray for nice girls! :)
Merry Christmas (a little belated.)

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