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December 01, 2011


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Oh. My. God. This is totally my entire family. Not just immediate. But extended. OhmyGod. Seriously. We all have this same problem. I have to blush and say, unfortunately, I share this with them as well. It is the American way, after all.

Don Crowder AKA @eldergeek

Milk and cheese can cause chronic constipation for some folks. Try switching her to soy or almond milk (and just abstain from cheese) for a few days. You should be able to confirm whether or not milk is the culprit within a week.


Just a couple of days ago my daughter (7) spent ten minutes obsessed with sticking her face against the panted behind of her 6-year-old brother to get a good whiff of the toots. Srly.


Sounds like a day in my house. Constantly telling the kids to take those kinds of bathroom breaks upstairs and further away from our noses :)


Too Funny!! I can totally see this! I can just imagine the hoopla! I'm in tears here; laughing so hard!


Gramma of 7 plus 1

My grand daughter passed gas yesterday, and uttered "Wow! That was a good fart." Seriously. I died laughing.


I very nearly just spit beer all over my computer. Thank you for that. I needed a good laugh.

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