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November 24, 2011


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I don't say much...but you are a blogger I am very thankful for. Life is short enough as it is, and without laughter, this short life would be extremely dull.

Many thanks for your wonderful writings, and your gift of laughter.

Happy Day of Thanks to you and yours.


Love you, Kit!! Enjoy your lovelies for the next few days.... xo


Oh my, did you have four children in four years?? And I thought mine came close, they're 6,4 and 0. How do you...cope?


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Kit! (I took a break for the weekend, which is the reason behind me reading this post on Sunday). :)


I am thankful for YOU because you started Wineparty which has brought so many awesome people into my life! Have a fantastic break from it all!


I was "disconnected" at the time so didn't have the opportunity to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you and yours. I, too, am so very thankful for out country...but i worry so about her future!


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