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November 29, 2011


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Dan G

Have you tried it?


interesting....I should buy stock because I know that many people will be trying it after they read this blog post


It seems interesting and definitely worth a try but as someone whose libido was lost completely to premature menopause, I remain skeptical. This sounds like it would help heighten arousal for someone already in the mood but not necessarily spark the mood for someone who hasn't had it in a year.


Could have used that back when I was married.



I will echo the comment from Dana. Similar situation here and a spouse who has "let himself go" leave the desire out in the cold.

Rose Fisher

Dana, I work at Zestra and after reading your comment, just had to reach out. Although Zestra works for women of all ages and life stages, many of our customers are woman who have experienced a lack of desire as a result of menopause (either naturally or due to surgical menopause). Like you, they were initially skeptical, but after trying Zestra were able to get their desire back…after years of feeling well, nothing. Here’s a link to some testimonials: http://www.zestra.com/changing-lives/testimonials/. If you’re interested, we’d love to send you a sample.(DM me on twitter @Rosann).


I'll take you up on that, Rose. I just followed you on Twitter (@danasfeast) but need you to follow me back so I can send you a DM. Looking forward to giving Zestra a try.


Can't get your purchase links to work for the discount

Jessie Powell

I LOVED the lead-in! And wouldn't that be a great way to go out.


Hahah the wasted orgasm theory? lol (going to read more about that now)...
Great post (:


"As with many consumer products, Zestra should not be used by pregnant or lactating women". Damn, that means I can't try it for like a year. My very horny, hugely pregnant self is disappointed :(

A Morning Grouch

I love the Roald Dahl intro - you've made Zestra proud.

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