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November 16, 2011


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you inspire me all the time....


OMG... Yesterday was my husbands birthday too!! Also, our oldest daughter had a dance performance... I did the nice wife thing and asked his mum to join us... She showed up around 3:00 yesterday afternoon... with a suitcase... No birthday loving here!!! BOO :(


Sister, when I was married I had sex maybe once a quarter. So glad I got out of that. You have been an inspiration to me to have a more fulfilling relationship in the future!


Hilarious!! that's the way it has to be done;)

Ann Harrison

Um, about that 1-3 times/month. Yep.

Love your post! Time to change my (our) numbers!


The first sentence knocked me out of my chair!! Been there, done that!!


1-3 times a month? My man would feel like his feelings had been stomped on if we went longer than 72 hours. We are 34 by the way.


My s/o is 62, we don't live together and both travel extensively for work, and I'd say we're at 3-5 times per WEEK!!! :-D

(And yes, we both have big smiles on our faces)


Oops!! He's only 61 until February. Nobody tell him I aged him up early!!! :-)


You're a riot, and I'm not taking sides, but my not after midnight theory is as follows.

Males are born with a certain amount of Captain Blood-a-zine HCL. Over time that amount drops, quite a bit after high school.

At midnight, our subconsciouses are sorting out how to navigate the appi-cray coming the next day, and there's probably no time to think of or be interesting in anything else.

So, it's probably not due to dis-interest. :)


Oh, those numbers make me sad :( Thanks for inspiring us all to do better!!

Dr. G

Sex is like exercise. Even if you doing feel like doing it, you're usually glad afterward that you did. Thanks for the encouragement!


1 to 3x a month?!?!?
We don't have sex every day, because the husband is usually exhausted from work, but we still manage 3-5x a week.


Oh, Kit - I love you.

I miss the days when weekends consisted of having sex before bed, and then having sleepy sex in the morning before going back to sleep, and then having sex in the afternoon before repeating the whole ordeal the next day.

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