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November 17, 2011


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I am guessing an undercover? Or maybe an informant? Or maybe he is on parole and needed permission to leave the state? very strange.


Witness protection plan.

Jim W.

Meh. . . it's not entertaining, but maybe a flight marshall? Although I think those law enforce-y types consider tattoos taboo.

I know the flight marshalls are supposed to be anonymous. . . could be anyone on the plane, and all the planes are supposed to have them. . .

So yes, flight marshall. Or Jerry Sandusky.

carol anne

I'm going with flight marshall also. The tattoo could have been drawn on.


The neck tattoo was part of the man's initiation into his gang. Recently he was the only member caught by police on a break in. He was leaving the city to enter the witness protection plan for ratting out other gang members.


Definitely witness protection program. The guy that sat down beside tattoo guy was his lawyer, not a cop. The Trooper was there just to keep an eye (albeit covertly) on what was going on, make sure no one had followed the lawyer into the terminal in order to take out tattoo guy, i.e. "the witness". As for the papers, they could've been anything. Maybe he was getting permission to fly to Miami to visit with someone. Maybe he'd flown to MA just to sign something for the case, who knows. Did lawyer guy hand him a check after he signed said papers?

You're like me, though. I love to watch people and try and figure out their stories!


Witness protection. For sure.


Wow, more fodder for the story!!


I've got to say either witness protection (hence the cop's presence) or you just witnessed someone get served . . . but, considering that the dude left state, with the cop's knowledge, I'm guessing witness protection relocation.

Kim Pugliano

OH MY FUCKING GOD I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Now that's all I'm going to think about. What the HELL was that about? Damn you and damn me and my OCD.


He's a sad guy. He was signing divorce papers. In Miami he is escaping his dramatic life. He's gonna live alone.


No. I am mad. You really don't know. You didn't ask. Was he greeted by anyone in Miami. SDJFKSDJFLJSD:FLJDFJS How can you leave this unsolved.


He was the Troopers secret lover and they were signing a lease on an apt. The Trooper used his badge to get past Security and the tattoo guy was going out of town on a business trip and they needed to get it all signed before he left. See whole different spin,...

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