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November 30, 2011


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OMG, I thought of that episode the moment I read your post title!! Between WKRP, Friends and M*A*S*H, I can make reference to nearly any situation in any given day. WKRP ROCKED!

Judy @ Late Mommy's Blog

Your title made me laugh out loud. I love that episode of WKRP! Just thinking of it makes me giggle! Illegal to purchase sex toys in Alabama? Wow! I wonder how many women cross state lines or have friends bring them back to them?


I think that was my favorite episode of WKRP! What fun to see it again.

Deacon Blue

Love WKRP! One of my favorite shows of all time. Want to stock up on DVDs of it, along with my Maude ones, Barney Miller ones and Taxi ones...

Deacon Blue

BTW, wild turkeys CAN fly. Had a trio of them in wooded area right behind our house a few months ago. At first, I thought they were huge-ass hawks and my wife was afraid to go outside.

Oh, and glad you weren't arrested for unlawful possession of a concealed sex toy (EGADS! gasp!)

improperly forward

What, in the holy hell, in this day and age can be so bad about vibrators that they are illegal to purchase? Doesn't someone have something better to do than make freaking NECESSITIES illegal? I mean, for shit's sake, are they serious?
(And I'm sorry you wrote such a hilarious post and that's all I can focus on here but, What. The. Fuck, ALABAMA?!)


we should start an underground sex toy railroad to Alabama and all of those unfortunate states. no one should be deprived of vibrators.

Jessie Powell

You mentioned all three of the states I have lived in in your post. I come from Ohio, moved to Kentucky, and am now in Alabama. Scary, that. And I'm flying from Alabama to Kentucky to get to Cincinnati today. Doubly scary.

Sex toy stores are just very creative in Alabama. You will find a tremendous number of personal massagers if you go to Love Stuff.


I remember this episode and it is a pee-in-the-pants laugh! Thanks for the reminder. And you remind me of how I had my diaphragm wrapped in a kleenex in my handbag (because I forgot the case) when I had to go through a courthouse security checkpoint. I had jumped into the bathroom to take it out before I went in because it was bugging me and you know how you had to leave them in a certain amount of time after sex - ugh, I hated those. Anyway, they DID see it, and I WAS humiliated (Catholic, too) and your post had me peeing in my pants laughing remembering the whole thing, plus WKRP! What a great show that was!


This is my very favorite episode of television in the whole world. I cry every time I see it.


One of the all-time best comedies ever! Thanks for the memory!!

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